Wrist surgery in June of last summer put a major dent in my ability to manipulate a camera. After moping for a couple of weeks, I decided to at least give macro photography a try since the lens is much lighter, I could use a tripod, and I could practice with inanimate objects so I could take my sweet time. It didn’t take long for me to start working toward capturing a little wildlife though, since bugs on flowers seemed a little more intriguing to me than just flowers themselves. Perhaps I did a little more than I should have, but photography is such a mood lifter for me and better moods lead to better healing, right? So I went with it. Soon, I was arranging it so that I could spend time at a nearby botanical garden before my physical therapy appointments. Sometimes, I showed up a little muddy, after having traipsed through the mud to get just the right angle of a pacific tree frog (they are such tiny little creatures). On a related note, I have now added a gallery with some of my macro work.

My mentor and friend, Mirwais Azami, has helped in keeping me inspired to get out there and keep shooting. After me nagging him repeatedly, he finally relented and did a landscape workshop in the Mount Baker Ski Area (Artist Point). I have added a few photos to my landscape gallery from that adventure. I literally could not have done that without his assistance. You can find his work on Instagram. His landscape account is _mirwais_ and his wildlife account is wildlife.obsession

Much gratitude is also owed to my wonderful family, who have supported me in both my recovery and my photography. I could’t do this without them either.

I believe that is enough typing for me. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions (or suggestions).

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